Athabasca District Lodges

Freemason lodges are split into districts across the province. This is a list of the Lodges contained in the Athabasca district. Click any of the lodge names to see more details about these amazing Freemasonry Lodges in Edmonton, St. Albert, Athabasca, Fort McMurray, Waskatenau and Westlock.  


Tawatinaw Lodge 71 (Y)
Athabasca, AB.

Strathcona Lodge 77 (Y)
Edmonton AB.

Westlock Lodge 114 (Y)
Westlock, AB.

Dominion Lodge 117 (C)
Edmonton, AB.

Waskatenau Lodge 154 (C)
Waskatenau, AB.

Exemplar Lodge 175 (C)
Edmonton, AB.

Griesbach Lodge 191 (C)
Edmonton, AB.

Balmoral Lodge 185 (C)
St. Alberta, AB.

Fort McMurray Lodge 195 (C)
Fort McMurray, AB.

Aurora Borealis Lodge 201
Fort McMurray, AB.

MillenniumLodge 2000 (C)
Fort McMurray, AB.