Past DDGMs

District Deputy Grand Masters from Dominion Lodge

R.W. Bro Thomas W. Teape 1925/26
R.W. Bro Archibald B. McCurdy 1933/34
R.W. Bro Ernest A. Figg 1941/42
R.W. Bro Lacey L. (Tommy) Lister 1949/50
R.W. Bro Williams S. Kent 1955/56
R.W. Bro Ernest Foster 1962/63
R.W. Bro Alexander A. Sollanych 1969/70
R.W. Bro Ronald H. Welch 1971/72
R.W. Bro Ivan MacDonald 1989/90
R.W. Bro Ralph Williamson 1992/93
R.W. Bro Donald Hart 2000/01
R.W. Bro Earle Sharam 2008/09
R.W. Bro Bhajan Deol 2012/13

Right Worshipful Brother Ralph Williamson, DDGM of 1992/93, was elected to Honorary Life Membership in 1994.